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Story: “the lion and the monkey"

wisdomkiss 06/29/2020

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There was a lion in the forest. One day this lion was hungry, and he met a young monkey on his way, so he thought he would eat this monkey instead of being hungry all the time. so he said to the monkey, "I am hungry, and I haven't found anything to eat this day. I know you are not enough for me, but I am going to eat you, young monkey." The monkey was in a big problem, but found a way to run away from that lion. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. He changed the subject. He said, "Do you want to play together, what my father and your father played? Because they were friends." The lion said, "Oh, I didn't know that; that's interesting. What is that?" The monkey was lying. Both the monkey and the lion went to a big area that had machines, because the monkey said, "I have to find machines to play." And the monkey said, "I am going first, what you have to do is just hang me when I throw myself down, and be careful of me." The lion said, "OK, be safe, friend." Then the monkey went to the top, and said to the lion, "Are you ready?" The lion said, "Sure, go ahead!" The monkey knew the lion wouldn't let him fall down because the lion wanted to try it. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The monkey threw himself, and the lion hanged him, and then the lion went to the top, and he said again to the monkey, "Are you ready, friend?" The monkey said "Sure, my goodness!" But after the lion threw himself the monkey said, "Oh, wait, I am not ready!" Then he ran away. Then the lion hurt himself. The monkey found a place and at the same time a newspaper, and he just made himself read it. The lion came fast and asked the monkey, "Did you see any monkey come by this way?" The monkey said, "Who?" Who made a fool of you?" And the lion said, "Oh, that was so fast, it's already in the newspaper."

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