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Mourinho and Ancellotti out Ole Gunner and Lampard. Check the list of the top coaches in the world

RACKSTAR8 06/26/2020

You would agree with me that coaches are one of the most needful officials that make up a football team.Without the coaches the team is like the soldiers without a commander and a class without a teacher.

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There have been great coaches in the past like sir Alex ferguson of Manchester united,Arsene Wenger of Arsenal and so on.

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In the present football today many coaches have excelled with there clubs.

Below are the top 7 best coaches in the world and there clubs:

1:Zinedine Zidane(Real Madrid):The former real Madrid and Juventus midfielder hails from france.He took over real Madrid and have since won 3 straight champions league,La Liga,uefa super cup,Spanish super cup,Fifa club world and the copa de ley.The world cup winner is regarded as the best coach in the world currently.

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2:Jurgen klopp(Liverpool):Former borrussia Dortmund boss,who manages Liverpool side in the English premier league.He won the Uefa champions league last season and he also won the Uefa super cup after beaten league side chelsea.He is tipped to win the premier league this season as there are 20+ points ahead of 2nd place Manchester city.

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3:Josep Guadiola(Manchester city):The former Barcelona midfielder and manager is regarded as one of the best coaches in the world.He is currently at the Ethiad were he has won 2 premier league,FA cup,carabao cup and community shield.He was the former Bayern Munich coach before Carlos Ancellotti.

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4:Ole Gunner solskjaer(Manchester United): Manchester United fans would be happy to see there boss in this list.Though he took over. from Mourinho in the middle of last season he has made tremendous effort in the team so far.

5:Frank Lampard(Chelsea fc):Former Chelsea and city midfielder who is currently the Chelsea leading goal scorer has won the Europa league title for chelsea.

6:Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid):The Argentine born is the mist defensive coach to meet when it comes to football.He beat Liverpool earlier in this season champions league at the Anfield breaking there home unbeaten run.

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7:Maximilliano Allegri(Paris saint Germain):The PSG boss is one of best coaches in the world.He has won the Ligue 1 title and the coupa the France title.

Neverthless, some great names in the coaching world who never made it in the list are the likes of Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancellotti,Sarri,Conte and setine misses out

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