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Mercy Benjamin To Deeper Life Members: It is my purpose to wake you up from your sleeping state

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Mercy Benjamin has blows hot again, shifting her attention from Pastor Kumuyi to the christian, especially Deeper life members.

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Dear Christians and Deeperlife people.

What if I told you that, it is my purpose in life to wake you up from your sleeping state? Wat if i told you, it is my destiny to tell you, there is no God sitting in heaven?

What if... Because I don't understand why I feel fulfilled every time I make a wake up post, when I should be feeling miserable like many of you predicted?

Else, why does it look like everything is actually falling into place in my life ever since I started asking you to wake up? Why will I tell you to wake up, and it makes me feel like i have eaten to my fill?

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Why am i so happy and contented, whenever I make an ordinary post asking people to wake up?

Why am I feeling like I have so much money in my account after asking you to wake up, when in reality, I got almost no coins?

This is why you should take this seriously. There is indeed no God sitting silently up in the skies observing all your atrocities mutely.

If there is a God, he wants me to tell you, he is not sitting in heaven and he never prepared no imaginary hell to roast you. You have been deceived for far too long.

You are God, not a slave. Wake up.

When we thought we've had enough of Mercy Benjamin, it so obvious she's not relenting, neither does she repenting any time soon. This seems more personal.

Mercy Benjamin insisted it is her purpose to wake Deeper life members and christian at large, from their sleeping state.

How true could this be? Don't forget to share your opinion.

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Top Comments
BenjaminOyemhomhe · 06/28/2020
NkySlim · 06/27/2020
I am greatly disappointed by all of you chritians condemning this young lady, she is awake, and want you to wake up too, and you end up calling her names. you will be disappointed after your death that there's nothing like God, hell or heaven. I rest my case here.
favoursamuel · 06/26/2020
you will end up preach this same God who created Heaven and Earth. So loving He is so much so that while we were yet sinners He sent His only begotten Son to die for a sinner like you
OkechukwuAhiaraumunna · 06/26/2020
you should be careful , because you are heading towards destruction

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