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See the funny ways headache was cured before the invention of drugs

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Since the late nineteenth century, analgesic drugs have been available to the masses to alleviate general pain, including that caused by headaches. While that might not always do the trick, it sounds a lot better than these alternative from history.

As we all know headache is a pain in the head, mostly caused by stress, it is much easier to be cured now preferred to the past, there are some crook ways it was cured in the past, well all thanks to technology or else we would still be administering unbearable treatments to ourselves, here are some ways headache was treated in the past View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

1. Head in the pot with a hit: This treatment is mentioned to be the cure to headache in the 19th century especially 1895, the doctor puts your head in the pot, then hit or strike it with an hammer, probably you won't feel any pain because of the pot, but surely it would make some effects too, their beliefs then may be that the echoes of sounds after hitting the pot may be the cure to the headache. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

2. Trepanning: The age-old act of trepanning: so popular that it achieved a resurgence as a headache treatment 2500 years after it first appeared. The cavemen around in the 8th century BC put holes in their skulls to alleviate pressure on the brain (without a care for the damage they were doing to their bodies). View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

3. Add some eels to the bath: Electricity and the brain do not mix all that well, truth be told. Yet for centuries now, electricity and the brain have been mixed through medicine. (Electroshock treatment is just one example.) The Dutch Society of Sciences published a set of treatises in 1762, contained within which is a scene reported from South America espousing the benefits of electric eels in easing brain pain.

All this treatments are now gone, i believe most of us can't go through such cures.

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