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How Not To Be A Stupid Person

MrTokTok 06/26/2020

Its official that as humans, there will always be the that one weird stupidly annoying person. No matter how mature, well cultured and well behaved, we still won't match up to some people's standard.

What you deem right can appear stupid to others and vice versa. Its human nature, we want to feel superior above others.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Here I have compiled a list of things that most certainly will make you appear less stupid to others.

1. Self Respect/Self Esteem

Respect is reciprocal, if you want respect then you must be willing to give back that respect. Most people are disrespected and regarded as stupid and foolish because they've lost self respect. Don't lose your respect and self esteem no matter what.

2. Mind Your Business

Don't stick your nose into other people's business. You and I know this minding your own business thing has led thousands to early grave. But minding your own business doesn't mean keeping mute when you see the wrong things happening. In this context, only do what you're assigned to and what concerns you. You could become a victim of circumstance, blackmail, even a perpetrator of a crime or felony you didn't commit by sticking your nose in other people's businesses.

3. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are and don't forget birds of thesame feathers flock together. If you keep a company of fools, then you my friend are a fool. Sometimes your actions don't matter but the kind of company you keep can tell a lot about you, its just the way of life. Can you find a prostitute in company of a pastors wife???_NO!!, they just don't fit. Be mindful of your company

4. Think Before You Speak

Better silent than saying things you might live to regret. Before you cough out words from your big hole, think them through. If you have nothing reasonable to say, KEEP SHUT!!!

5. Dress Reasonable

The way you're dressed is the way you're addressed. A lawyer is known by his dress code, same for a doctor, a pilot e.t.c. Dress fashionably but don't over do it. Don't wear what would liably draw unnecessary attentions to you, could be from the police, soldiers or even agbero and gangsters

6. Win & Lose in Silence

This one is very obvious with so many people flaunting their wealths and belongings on social media. Nobody cares, believe me you're drawing unwanted attentions which can be detrimental to you and your loved ones. If you're successful, leave it to yourself and let people figure it out, if its the other way round then pls sorry no one cares.

7. Be Unpredictable

You appear stupid when people can predict your every move. Sometimes you gotta sign zig when people expect you to zag. Being unpredictable makes people wanna know you more and respect you.

8. Be Successful at What You Do

Believe or not but success commands high respect. Achieving success doesn't necessarily mean wealth. Just ensure you put in your best at what you do.

This are just a few points and I hope you learnt something. Let's be guided.

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