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Woman arrested on her way to burry her aborted baby.

Infogist 06/29/2020

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A chemist has been arrested alongside with 24 year old woman for aborting a child. They were arrested by Anambra state police command after she have successfully aborted the baby and was on her way to bury child.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Anambra state police spokesperson, Haruna Mohammed who revealed the name of the lady as Chidera Nwaoga said that they received a signal concerning the incident and went immediately to the scene and arrested the lady on way to burry the child, she was arrested with one Mr. Odumegwu Ikunna from Nando, Anambra state who aborted the pregnancy.

It was revealed after investigation that the 24 years old lady was a native of Izzi Local Government, Ebonyi state residing at Ofianta villageb in Nsugbe, Anambra state. Chidera who was heavily pregnant met an 51 years inexperienced and unqualified chemist, Odimegwu Ikunna living at Akpalagu village, Nsugbe to abort the baby. Odimegwu gave her injection and aborted the baby.

After the abortion the lady lost so much blood and was rushed to multivare hospital, 3-3 onitsha. The baby that was already decomposing has been buried while the lady and the man has been retained and the case transferred to state CID, Awka for further investigation.

Source: opera.com
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