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PDP Cataclysm: Does Governor Wike have Likelihoods to Defect to APC?

Freezyfofo 06/24/2020

PDP Cataclysm: Does Governor Wike have Likelihoods to Defect to APC? 

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—Governor Nyesom Wike

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The Governor of Rivers State, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, is likely to defect to APC. He pulling out of the Reconciliation group is too much of an action in a little problem. He had been singing the praise of APC.

Like he said In his recent statement. Wike says; You can see that APC Governors say that they are progressive. You can see how progressive they are when they keep quiet when a fellow sitting Governor is disqualified from contesting elections.”

Governor Wike rating an oppositional party over his own is putting PDP on a low. His non-participationism in Edo PDP is discouraging to the party. He has played a lot of roles in the Party, both at the state and national level.

Wike has 65% percent of PDP shares, he single handedly brought Uche Secondus to the Chairmanship level of the party. His PDP strength doesn’t seem to evaluate a defection actually.  But politics is a game, an unpredictable one. 

Wike has gathered more haters in the PDP. He welcomed Obaseki into the party. It looks like he showed love. Now he is against Obaseki’s nomination. His aggression doesn’t really focus on the PDP NWC. His aggression surfaced as a result of Obaseki’s Governorship Ticket. 

The PDP in Edo have not disregarded the presence of Wike. The PDP says they have been consulting Wike and all PDP Governors. They even have hyped him in the past and continue to compliment him. Wike is only promoting a division that does not exist in the PDP. 

Calling the PDP NWC sycophants and tax collectors has proved his disagreements with the Party. There is a likelihood he will defect in future. I know many will disagree with me, Wike has a lot of Contacts in the APC. Quote me, he will surely defect in the future.

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Top Comments
ChrisIkeAhuruonye · 06/27/2020
It is possible. Politics is a two-way thing for those who understand it: no permanent enemy nor permanent friend, but permanent interest. Obaseki was against PDP, today he is there. If Godswill Akpabio can leave PDP for APC,then Wike's should not be a surprise.
RichardHarry_01 · 06/27/2020
Does it matter. things can not be done his ways most times. He is too arrogant and self centered. Apc will use him and discard him later like a tissue paper. Let him try it.
JamesIdoko_03 · 06/27/2020
wike was just being himself in his home (PDP) and no iota of ever decamping. to where? to amaechi or Abe? No, o and NO!
GUEST_7QJb4zNJ3 · 06/27/2020

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