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Chelsea Vs Manchester City: Last 5 Matches

Challyboy 06/25/2020

Thank God Chelsea are really waxing strong to see that they make it to the top fourth of the premier league table. But the Manchester united are doing everything in their power to displace them.

The Chelsea will be facing Manchester City today at the Stamford bridge in a colsed match which is to reduce the circulation of the pandemic virus that struck the world. However, when we look closely below, we will notice the Chelsea records of their last five matches against Manchester city. I wonder what happens tonight against Manchester city.

Chelsea on the other hand needs a stronger build up line which they would be able to stand Manchester city.

Let's take a look at their past record.

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I'm that not, if they eventually lineup like this, I doubt if they would loose this time. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

What do you think if Frank Lampard uses this line up with formation 4 - 3 - 3. I strongly believe that Chelsea will tell a better story tonight.

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