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How my children discovered an owl that has been monitoring my family For the past 3 months (Fiction)

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How my children discovered an owl that has been monitoring my family For the past 3 months View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I live in a two bedroom flat with my family, my husband and my two kids. We were friendly with people around the neighborhood. This made us popular among the people because we never picked a side. We treated everyone equally never taking anyone’s side to avoid hatred. Things went on smoothly for us for some years till this faithful day my son came to my room to tell me an owl was starring into their room. 

I didn’t take his words serious and told him it was an imagination which occurred as a result of his excessive play during the day. Every night he kept on telling me and my husband about this owl. It became very frustrating that I and my husband decided to give my children an attention so as to convince them that it was not real. But to our surprise on getting to their room we saw the owl close to the window. I was scared to realize that my kids were really telling the truth. My husband summoned courage and scared the owl away. It flew away but returned the following night. 

Then this made us conclude that it was not an ordinary owl. We decided to put it in prayer; we also called our pastor who decided to join us in fasting and prayers telling us to stay strong that God would take control. At the third day of our fasting and prayer the owl didn’t come, but this didn’t stop us from completing the 7 days fasting and prayer. To the glory of God the owl never came back again.

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Wow who say prayers never pay excess

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