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22,020 Covid-19 Cases: Do You Even Care Anymore ?

Legiitwriter 06/25/2020

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The Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC has just reported 649 new cases of the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria. This takes the total confirmed cases in the country to a staggering twenty-two-thousand and twenty. About two months ago the country was counting cases in tens, from there to hundreds then to thousands and tens of thousands. This thing is spreading like wild fire in dry season.

Over five hundred people have died from this virus and more than seven thousand have recovered.

Even with all these, some people still have doubts about whether coronavirus is real. Some people dont even care about the protective measures the government and the NCDC advises.

When the virus broke out in the country, anytime the NCDC give a report on the number of new cases, people would tremble and air concerns. Now nobody cares. It is as if the coronavirus is gone. Normal life has been restored to a certain degree after the government lockdown. People now go to work, most states are relaxing bans on religious gatherings. But schools are yet to reopen, something we all know will happen in the nearest future.

When the virus first arrived into the country, with the very small number of cases, government was locking down the country, people were cautious.

Now that the number is very high, the government is opening the country, and every one is going about their daily lives like nothing is happening.

What changed ?

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