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Polygamy Chronicles: Should men inform their Wife of getting married to a Second Wife?

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Some Brothers make Mistake in Quest For Second wife's

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Victim A: I was having a phone conversation with my Friend, though he has access to my gadget's, as the head of the house, he went through our chatting, then he told me, "Baby, I am interested in your friend", wow Ma sha Allah, in was happy, as the phone conversation Will turn into physical, then I told my friend about this and she accepted.... At the long run, he became weird at home, he care less about me, he doesn't even asked if have eaten or not, my cell phone is always with him, then I had access to his, but now I don't. I was confused on what to do, then I informed my friend about this, she felt sad, and decided to let go, but my husband won't let go off her.. I am helpless.

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Victim2; We were married for long, happily as ever imagined, until some moments he started acting weird towards me. Subuhanalloh, what have I done wrong? Even if I ask him, he still won't tell me. Later on, I discovered that he is planning to marry another woman, even the other sister isn't aware of him being a married man.... I am not negating the idea of polygamy, but sad to seeing my husband neglecting me and seeing me as a burden to him, where is the love??


Seriously, Frankly, Rationally, some brothers ain't mature for marriage. How on earth could one who think of getting married to another, (as we know we don't need the permissibility of the first wife to take in other wives) neglect his responsibilities as a husband all in the name of "I wanna take in another wife"... Sincerely Speaking, that shows you can't handle a polygamous home.

Marrying another wife shouldn't be an obstacle to changing towards the other wife/wives. It is disheartening to see some brothers falling a victim of this. Until he had to sleep late all night, doing what?? Chatting with his so called intending second wife when his wife is there by his side, needing or not needed of his attention, laughing, smiling, acting emotionally towards the phone conversation he is having... Don't you think brother?? You are making her to feel emotionally neglected, you are making her to feel irrelevant, you are making her to feel disconnected of your love... Where is then the love you built the marriage upon at first.

You wanna go for another wife, yeah we need no permission, but information should be in place. Inform her about this in a manner that won't punctured her personalities, feelings, emotions, intuitions, that won't make her feel irrelevant in the marriage. Be dutiful to her and others, never neglect your duties as a man on them.

Respect Her Feelings


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