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Reinforce The Lock Down Order On Lagos

Right_Fawaz 06/26/2020

It is quite saddening that some Lagosians, at the rampage of covid-19, have choosen to do more of contributing to its effect rather than help the state in curtailing its spread, and eventually inching it out of its environment.

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Lagos which is the epicentre of covid-19 with a staggering 9482 number of reported cases-- in the 22614 number of confirmed cases--as of yesterday, have been a talk-of-the-nation since the virus breakout.

It could be ascribed to the fact that the state is the commercial and economy capital of Nigeria, and have been responsive in battling the spread of the virus.

This, as a result, added to the Sanwo-Olu's administration thereby weaponizing the state's center for disease control. Infact, some states have been known to resort to the state for advise and model used to respond to the pandemic.

However, this feet and glory is becoming short-lived as Lagosians;development-stagnant Lagosians, have taken turn in participating in acts that would bring it about.

This have been significant since the president of the nation, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(rtd) at the advice of the PTF on covid-19, announced the gradual phased easing of the lockdown.

Prior to that, it could be recalled that the Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, revoked his decision on reopening places of worship following its announcement by the presidential task force commitee (PTF).

This decision made, after the instantaneous increase in the number of reported cases, is aimed at nothing but a means to ensure the efforts of the Frontline and other essential works remains fruitful. If the social distancing measures and order against the virus is still in place, possibly of recording a success rate would increase.

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It is quite saddening that development stagnant-Lagosians continue flout the orders and defile the measures even after the plead and admonition by the active Governor. This neccessisated the call to the state government, to consider reinforcing its lockdown order.

Corona virus as it have been known pre-lockdown, is a respiratory illness that fuel its fire and extend its reach from human contacts. As such, battling it would be hard if not impossible, if gatherings that encourage human contacts is operating.

Some Churches are holding services.

Some Mosques are observing prayers.

Destructive and development-stagnant Lagosians are partying, flouting the orders.

This is dangerous to the health security of Lagos State, and more importantly to the state's center for disease control's struggle in the battle against the pandemic.

It is on this notes the call for the state to consider reinforcing its lockdown be made.

Eko Oni Baje O!

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Top Comments
+234-708166**** · 06/27/2020
Going back to lockdown is the key
GUEST_jGpwp82dj · 06/26/2020
stop talking about lockdown again in Nigeria, there are better things to talk about, when the troubles all you leaders are looking for comes your generation will not survive it. Stop all this, every other countries are looking for a way to balance their economy. All Nigerian leaders do is lockdown, lockdown, lockdown God is angry with Nigeria government be warn.
GUEST_re8yR1Dby · 06/26/2020
for now lock down is the solution

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