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Make 5,000 naira every 3days in pepper farm.

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Make 5,000 naira every 3days in pepper farm. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Making of 5,000 naira every 3days is at least for 2baskets of pepper. So when you have a big farm which you can harvest like 5basket,that means you will be getting 25000 every three days. Because pepper is a type of plant which is capable of producing every three to four days after your harvest. I mean if a stand of pepper produces fruits and you pick them all, in the next three days, it produces more. How do u get to the stages. Get the seeds from a good farmer, make a bed for it, as to nurse them. After a week, you will see a young growing plant ,make sure you water them, there is no humidity or moist,then observe them to grow to an height of 5 or 6 cm, then look for a good and humus land to transplant them.

Within 2-3months, it will mature and start producing fruits for you. Beware of some insect that will come, attacking them, no qualms, get a good insecticide to get rid of them. When is 3months your pepper get ripe and you start harvesting, don't forget weeding,it is necessary,because it aid their growth, prevent pest and reduce competition from weeds. Good luck, you can try it, share this please.

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ChinonsoLawrence · 07/24/2020
am interested, please I need high with high peperish test.

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