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The unimaginable powers women use to control men

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The unimaginable powers of the women View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Do you know that men are just ceremonial heads ,real power is in the hands of the women folk? Addressing them as the weaker sex is the highest level if hypocrisy .What we call gender violence ,where the woman is the victim is just an attempt by the man to reclaim his authority by brute force. 

Some years back ,while serving at Lagos Garrison Organization at Abalti Barracks in Lagos ,I had a boss who was very tough. He was so though that even some of his seniors were scared of him.If any one of us ,his subordinates had any issues with him.we only need to reach out and beg his wife and that would end the matter.This man was not scared of his wife but she had a way of bringing him down. In a similar situation a tenant was owing his landlord arrears of rent. He had no way to pay, so the landlord was on the verge of throwing him out. Some how, he met the landlord's wife and pleaded with her to give him more time. That was how the matter was settled  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

What powers or persuasion strategies do women have that makes them control the decisions of their husbands ? My research shows that every married man has a vulnerable moment. A clever woman would exploit this vulnerable moment to get what ever she wants from her husband. Even strange women or concubines apply this method also. 

The problem with most women is either that they don't study their husbands long enough to discover the vulnerable moments or they become too used to the man or too proud to acknowledge it. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Men have different vulnerable moments ,what applies to Mr A may not apply to Mr B. It is left for the woman to discover it.

The bottom line however is that every man wants to be honoured and respected by his wife. Everyman wants his wife or girl friend to acknowledge him as a man in all aspects of the gender.

I have seen situations where women are watching Television in the sitting room while their husbands are either cooking for them or helping to wash their clothes. Some will attribute it to African magic but that is not true. The woman has only maximized the use of his vulnerable moments .Even the Holy Bible has a record of a king whose wife made him to behead a man of God because she satanically maximized the use of his vulnerable moments.

Are you having an abusive husband ? Calm down ,shed your pride study and identify his vulnerable moments and maximize the use of it. In no time he will become your slave. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Do you have a husband who is unfaithful? Discover his vulnerable moments and work on it. In no time you will have him to yourself at home all the time.

Why not try this out ?

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