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What fans are saying about Wilfred Zaha as Burnley beat Crystal Palace

Messilona 06/29/2020

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Zaha has been poor tonight but Dixon talking about what he needs to “learn” smacks of arrogance on his part. He’s spent 10 years rinsing wing-backs, hasn’t trained since Liverpool and clearly isn’t fully fit. He doesn’t need to “learn”.


He needs to leave I don’t see what you lot see, massively overrated, can’t pass, has no end product no worth more than £8m


Zaha has been poor all season. Granted He has no one to his level around him. He came alive when we had RLC. This team is boring


He's not on top form, he's been injured, but he's kept on for 94 minutes. I don't understand our club sometimes.


Can you remember the last time Zaha had a run of good games because I’m struggling. His consistency has been poor recently


Pepe’s numbers are more than double that of Zaha’s, and in less games... and it’s his first season in the PL. Yet the media are trying to paint a picture that Arsenal were wrong to go for Pepe over Zaha. #AFC


Unbelievably frustrating. Europe maybe beyond reach now, and relegation not an issue. What’s not to gain from giving Mitchell/Pierrick/Woods 20mins? Felt sorry for Zaha tonight. Clearly not at the races for one reason or another, doubled up on throughout. Felt we needed a change.


Tomorrow, CPFC find out if we are going to be given Category 1 academy status, meanwhile on the pitch, the manager is seemingly resolute in his desire not to give any of the current crop the chance to prove themselves despite a dismal 90 minute display.


@HLTCO I FUCKING LOVE THIS FOOTBALL CLUB!!! Your team are abysmal, and your main man Zaha is the most overrated player I’ve ever seen.


But now we have another issue; the squad. A lot of players in there (Townsend & Milivojevic especially) just haven’t been at the races for us at all this season. Factor in that the likes of Zaha, Sakho & Meyer are also likely to leave, it leaves the squad in an awkward place.

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