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Forget Party Crisis; APC Has Produced The Best President In Nigeria’s History

BigTChamp 06/24/2020

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 Though the future remains gloomy for the All Progressives Congress APC, with several factions of the party been created as a result of tussle for who to lead at national level, some in support of the Law-favored Hon Victor Giadom, while others in support of the Party’s choice Sen. Abiola Ajimobi.

Undisputedly, APC has produced the best President in the history of Nigeria in the person of Major General Muhammadu Buhari with milestone achievements in, even though members of PDP might have some things to say about this fact, I leave the comment box for you to do necessary justice.

 The President Buhari, with the best interest of Nigeria at heart, which is all that matters for good governance in a nation has kept everything that makes the Nigerian (economy, security and health) sectors tick in check nonstop.

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 Under The APC-Led Administration, Nigeria has

Locked up the Treasury (No more National cake) more reasons why we have more disgruntled politicians and waged a serious war against corruption.

Resiliently combated Boko Haram and every form of terrorism that pose a threat to public safety in Northern Nigeria and the whole Nation at large after several innocent citizens have been victims of Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, armed bandits,

Initiated Npower; a platform that has provided several thousand job for the youths and members of the public.

 Diversified the economy from only petroleum, to manufacturing, agriculture and mining industry and all generating income for Nigeria.

Ensured food Security; Nigeria now eats what they plant, a feat that wasn’t achieved during the past administration.

Beefed up national security; providing military equipment to combat insurgence and paid more attention to public safety-related issues.

Completely fought Ebola virus outbreak, and recently did same with the Polio Virus.

Created Platforms that support several businesses.

Prioritized the payment of Pension to retirees and paid workers in federal agencies on time.

Launched the construction of the second Niger Bridge which is almost near completion, among several constructions made.

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The unending list of President Muhammudu Buhari’s achievement has shown that APC has done more good and harm ,producing the best president in the history of Nigeria who has fought for the nation leaving aside personal interest, Which disproved the statement made by the PDP that He has failed and that there is nothing to talk about in APC. 

 Indeed, a lot can be said about APC.

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