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Midnight hour prayer: say these prayers with joy before going to bed.

ChristLike001 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The midnight hour is usually a time to declare the favor of God into your life and to program the blessings of God upon yourself throughout the daytime. Say this prayers and be blessed

Prayer of praise

King of glory,you are the maker of heaven and earth and there is no one who can withstand you. Heaven is your throne and the earth is your footstool. From the east to the west,from the north to the south there is no one like you. May your name be praised forever and ever.

Declare this prayers

1. I decree and declare, by the power of God that the favor of God locate me today in the Jesus name. Amen

2. Tonight, father I ask for restoration of every property and possession in Jesus name. Amen

3. Father in heaven by your grace,let the blessings that followed Abraham follow me today in Jesus name. Amen

4. I prophecy,whatever I lay my hands on is blessed in Jesus name. Amen

5. By the anointing of the holy ghost,let my destiny helpers locate me in Jesus name. Amen

Thank you Jesus.

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