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Three Reason why Agege Bread is Outstanding in Lagos.

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Agege bread as it is popularly as it is popularly called, originated from a place in Lagos called Agege.

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This bread is one of the most recognized bread is south west. it also one of the best business as far as selling of bread is concern in this region. This food is consume by all classes of people in the society.

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Their are three basic reason why people like bread and this is why it has not become obsolete since it origin.

The Softness: This is one major reason why people patronize and consumes this bread, because of it Softness. That it is very easy to combine with food like Beans, Tea, Egg, Akara and butter etc. Most people at times prefer it when it is still hot and fresh, Wow it is very sweet and enjoyable.

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The Supply Rate: This bread as early in the morning, is all over the place with the sweet aroma. You can hardly find this bread, it is mostly hawked by Yoruba ladies both big and small. Another name for the bread is 24/7. With this singular marketing strategy the bread is easy to access and buy by anybody.

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It is Affordable: This bread is very much affordable as even primary schools children can afford it for #50, 60,70 most of these children join their money together and buy large quantity, this is to tell you how this bread have developed the thinking faculty of these children. Most especially this bread is in different sizes that anyone can afford, even though you can not afford it as the case may be, these sellers will cut the bread into two so that you can be able to buy.

Permit to say it Nigeria No1 bread. Give it a trail today.

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