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20 Driving Tips Every Driver Should Know.

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Driving is an act that usually requires professionalism and cautiousness. Little wonder, most drivers usually go through a lot of training to become drivers.

Here are 20 driving tips every driver should know:

1) A driver is not just driving himself but other drivers.

2) Make sure all your driving documents are intact before you drive.

3) Check the position of the side mirrors before your driving.

4) The color of the hydraulic oil and position should also be checked before driving.

5) Keep considerable distance from vehicles in front.

6) Always horn before overtaking irrespective of space.

7) Avoid driving with one hand on the steering wheel.

8) No drinking before, during or after driving.

9) No eating during driving on the road.

10) Making of phone calls and chatting should be avoided during driving.

11) Don't drive in a bad mood, cool off before driving.

12) Playing of musics with loud volumes, during driving can distract your attention; please avoid it.

13) Never allow a pregnant woman sit in the front seat during driving.

14) Avoid watching movies while driving.

15) Avoid quarrelling with other drivers while driving.

16) Don't drive without fully functional headlights or horn sounds.

17) If the weather is unbearable, please park and wait.

18) Do your best to respect the traffic lights at all cost.

19) Obey the traffic warden also they are there to save lives.

20) Be focused during driving and ensure proper safety.

21) Above all pray and commit your journey into God's hands.

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Top Comments
AnthonyOkechukwu_02 · 06/30/2020
no 8 avoid drinking alcohol. Keep right, don't drive if sick and dizzy, know the road you drive on and always concentrate.
WaqarRazack · 07/3/2020
no. 8...avoid drinking alcohol after driving?? what if I've just driven to the pub?
LacksonSikanyika · 07/25/2020
Thanks for the tips
GUEST_NgErzvEMG · 07/25/2020
A gud piece indeed.

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