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Warning! Are You Still Taking This Drink That Could Kill You?

Olaniyanflw 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Even though there are so many countries that stopped the consumption of anything sugary drinks, but there are still some people that can't stay without drinking Coca-Cola in a day.

It is unknown to them that this drink is a major contributor to the problems we have in our society today, like Obesity, Tooth decay, and type 2 Diabetes.

Have you ever wondered why youths, and teenagers of nowadays love taking anything sugary? I think for some people, Coca-Cola may be the cheapest compared to many drinks like Milk, and Fruit juice. But whatever the reasons might be, it not advisable to take too much of these sugary things because it causes damages to our body.

Below are the damages Coca-Cola has done, and is doing to our body.

1. Coca-Cola is useless.

Coca-Cola and some other soft drinks have no nutritional benifits. They are mostly consist of refined sugar, and filtered water. Yet people all round the world drinks a countless gallons of Coca-Cola every year.

2. Research has shown that the consumption of Coca-Cola is linked with an increased risk for kidney failure.

3. Coca-Cola is also one of the biggest reason some people is gaining weight, and having obesity in our society today.

4. It causes diabetes.

Increase in weight gain, and having obesity also increases the risk of having diabetes.

5. It weakened our bones.

Coca-Cola weakens our bones, most especially those people who substituted drinking Milk, and Fruit juice with drinking Coca-Cola. Scientist has begged young adults, and teenagers that they should reduce their intake of Coca-Cola, so as to reduce the risk of having weaker bones.

6. It causes tooth pain.

Did you know that Coca-Cola dissolves the tooth enamel? Yes, soft drinks like Coca-Cola are the main cause of our tooth decay.

Coca-Cola makes the teeth sensitive, and weaker to decay. The tooth specialist have found that acids found in Coca-Cola, and other soft drinks are worse for the teeth even when it is being compared to the solid sugar in candies.

7. It damages our kidney.

Study has found that consumption of Coca-Cola increases the risk of kidney problem. They clearly said that high intake of Coca-Cola causes the kidney stone formation which is dangerous for health. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

8. It causes high blood pressure.

Coca-Cola causes increase in blood pressure, and urinating more frequently.

9. Caramel colouring in Coca-Cola increases the risk of having cancer.

10. It causes mental health problems.

11. It increases the risk of lung disease, and asthma.

12. It also increases the risk of developing hypertension.

Note: It is advisable to replace Coca-Cola with:

1. Water.

2. 100% Fruit Juice.

3. Herbal, green or black tea. It protects you from many health problems.

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