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Read why Vladimir Putin refuses to bury this man dead body


Burying Vladimir Lenin's body,which has been held in the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square, for public viewing since 1924 ,is a contentious issues in the Russian society.

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Polls shows that approximately 28% of Russian disapprove the ideas of burying Lenin's body.There is still a considerable number of communists and socialists who in Russia who admire Lenin and come to the Mausoleum to pay their respects.

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So burying Lenin's body would be offensive to these people and cause a political backlash.

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Beyond pure politics,however,Putin's position is that,there is no need to destroy historical artifacts and monuments for political reasons.Lenin's Mausoleum is part of Russian history,and for now it should be preserved just like any other historical landmark.In addition,preserving it is also good for business.

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Puting has even compared communism to a religion and Lenin's body to the relics of saints which are preserved in various religions, including Christianity.Perhaps it is true,that for some Russian communists,Lenin is a kind of saint,and burying his body would produce a reaction similar to that of offending religious sentiments.

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OmotolaUmar · 06/25/2020
I read to learn alot on your article always very interesting for me. May God increase your wisdom and understanding.
ArmstrongArmsHango · 06/26/2020
I was wondering all this years why modern Russia can not commorate or declare the death of more 60 million Russian that was killed from day one when Linen took over or over thrown the Tzar from power.

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