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Beware of fire in His jealousy.

Dammeen 06/26/2020

F I R E  O F  H I S  J E A L O U S Y

Do I really need to be jealous over someone who is not dear to me? Absolute No! 

Many has not discover that our God is a jealous God. In the fifth chapter of Deuteronomy and the ninth verse, there He warned against idolatory and declaring that He is a jealous God. 

Idolatory is a sin God will never overlook, it is a sin to death. 

If you've ever embrace the grace of Christ and have enjoy the ministry of the Holy Spirit, you will be at doom if there is anything or man right now that hinders the free flow of your love unto God. 

If there is anything right now that has directly or indirectly meant so much to you than the love of God it is an idol. 

Initially, it was your work and now, no work it is now movies. You don't know him before, you don't know her before but because you're at home now, you met each other and he/she has totally taken your breath. Hmm! 

The love of God keeps tugging on your heart for a sweet communion with the Holy Spirit but you're so busy now and you can't host Him. 

Haa! What a terrible Fire of His jealousy you're provoking. 

Jealousy sometimes can be deadly. I know you understands better... Atleast, you've been in one before! 

I beseech brethren, to never entangle yourself again with the yoke of bondage but to stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made you free. 

Let's pray; 

Father, I break the yoke of idolatory from the life of this my friend now in the healing name of Jesus Christ. 

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