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I Doubt Barcelona Will Win Celta Vigo If Setien Uses This Formation

Emelastepen 06/25/2020

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Barcelona are not backing out in the La Liga league despite the fact that the realadris are in tie with them on the LA Liga table. However, Barcelona has played four games since after the resumption of all leagues in Europe which was suspended as a result of the pandemic virus.

However, Barcelona are in the same point too with the Real Madrid. The Barcelona are to face Celta Vigo and if they embarks on this lineup, they will surely loose their match.

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This lineup above just observe carefully and know of Barcelona could really win their match against Celta Vigo wit this lineup.

From the line up, the goalkeeper is Ter Stergen.

The defenders are Alba, Umtiti, Pique and Roberto.

The midfielders are Busquete, Vidal and De Jong.

The forwarders are Griezmann, Shares and Ansu Fati.

What do you think about this lineup with out Lionel Messi.

I think this lineup is better to face Celtic Vigo on an away match. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I think this lineup is better or what do you think

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Top Comments
Johndeco · 06/26/2020
I am a Barca fan and I read stuffs about Barca. You don't have to post something here when you know you don't have the skills. 1. De Jong is injured and you included him 2. Busquet is suspended and you included him 3. Messi is very fit and you removed him from the first lineup 4. So many grammatical errors, misspellings and funny sentences. Please you must not be in a haste to post because others are posting. Take your time and cross check what you have written before posting. Try and follow the club up to know what is happening there before you say a word about the club.
YaqubAyinla · 06/25/2020
y will he use dis formation wen he is not mad
+27-81207**** · 06/25/2020
the second one is good 👍 but I don't think grieziman he will combining with mess and Ansu fati better Braithwaite

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