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IPhones and Our Cyber Security

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iPhones have the best of security when it comes to mobile technology.

It is hard to break into their system codes.

This is majorly due to its icloud server, and subtly due to its great relationship with the CIA.

 There is a "Vulnerabilities Equity Process" which ensures that any vulnerable malware or hacking tools are revealed to Apple by CIA to prevent further hack-able instances on Apple gadgets and systems. The same is applicable to the Google Android but Apple has a major stay as it is a notable and creative US company. 

The CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence is known for their offensive hacking tools. They can hack into any system, whether automated or not. They can pass by codes and encryption. 

The Edward Snowden's revelation of 2017 is a proof to their prowess.

For example: 

The "weeping angel" is a hacking and bugging device developed by the CIA's Engineering Development Branch under the directorate of DDI (Directorate for Digital Innovation). This is a foremost organization in CIA.

The weeping angel once embedded into a smart TV like the Samsung's, acts as a microphone to record anything that goes on in a room or a place. 

It lures the smart TV owner into believing that his smart TV is off when it is put off, whereas it is on in the background. They control the system with a remote automated server.

These guys spend millions of dollars on codes, generating offensive hacking weapons: Trojans, malwares and viruses. 

They equally source the tools of other hacking agencies like the clandestine Baitshop.

It is the spill overs against their defensive fall-outs that some Nigerian hackers pride themselves with.

So if you are a corporate business owner or a big organization consider employing tools for your online security.

Do you allow your workers to bring their laptops in your organization in order to ease workflow? It has it's own flaws you might desire to know.

Hacking is becoming rampant these days apart from the DMARC provided on internet domains.

Consider reading stuff on cyber security and measures to keep your account secure even if you want to employ a Cyber security merchant or expert.


But mind you that your information is readily available on the world-wide web, all you need to do is to keep rejigging and keep playing safe.

Nebo, Peter writes from Lagos.

Source: opera.com
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