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Should motorcycles (okada) be banned in Nigeria

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Motorcycle also known as "okada" is a common vehicle seen in every part of Nigeria. We can say it is the fastest transportation on land and that is one reason why people prefer it more than other vehicles like buses, tricycles etc. This vehicle "okada" has various advantages and disadvantages it offers. Due to the disadvantages, some state governors in Nigeria like that of Lagos and Ogun state have taken measures to ban operations of motorcycles within the state.

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The advantage of this vehicle "okada" is that it can cover long distance within a short period of time. For instance, someone who is late for work prefer to board motorcycle because it will not face any form of gridlock unlike buses and tricycles that face gridlock most of the time. A journey that will take other vehicles 30-35 minutes, a motorcycle will cover it within 15-20 minutes. That is to show how fast it is.

Motorcycles(okada) also serves as a means of livelihood to most people. Graduates without jobs are also using it for business. It serves as a source of employment thereby reducing crime rate in the society.

The main disadvantage of motorcycles is that it is easily prone to accident due to its flexibility. The lives of many people have been lost through this accidents, some have become disabled having broken hands, legs etc and this is causing serious damage to the body.

The question is: Should motorcycles(okada) be banned in Nigeria or other measures should be taken to reduce accidents?

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Top Comments
OnoriodeObomure · 06/27/2020
what is your problem, you are talking of ban , what has Nigeria ever produced , is okada your problem, did your sense failed to tell you that there is no job in the country and some people survive with these okada, if you are an okada ridder would you have talked about banning of okada
MelvinDada · 09/15/2020
Completely and Keke.They are symbol of poverty.We need buses even if it’s 6 seaters
AbiodunDare_01 · 08/22/2020
HarbhimbholarHarjulo · 07/24/2020

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