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Political Apathy; Reasons, Effects and Solutions.

Goodystar 06/24/2020

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In general,'Apathy' can be defined as the feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic about something or things in general.

What then in Political Apathy?

Political Apathy is defined as the lack of interest in political activities. It represents the unwillingness and lack of interest by a person or group of persons in the participation of political activities. These political activities include; voting in an election, belonging to any political party, or even participating in political rallies. Man is a political animal and hence must participate in the political process of the community, state and nation at large.

Reasons for political apathy.

Bad government; Government is a machinery in which the affairs of the state or nation are implemented. Government are responsible for the provision of social amenities and resources. When such things are not provided, the citizens then refuse to participate in electoral activities.

Unfulfiled promises; Before a candidate is elected, he or she makes promises i.e manifestoes. When in power and such promises are not made or fulfilled, people then feel unhappy and this leads to political apathy.

Rigging; When elections are rigged, people feel as if they votes were never counted and this leads to political apathy. Today rigging is very popular and it discourages the electorates from participating in future elections.

Thuggery and violence; Both can be regarded as twin brothers. Most politicians can't go into election without thugs. Most of these thugs end up stealing the ballot boxes or even end up killing others. This act leads to violence and life's are lost. Even properties destroyed.

Lack of political education; Most people don't know what politics is all about. They don't know how government operates. They lack knowledge and information concerning political activities.

Laziness; This also contributes to political apathy. Most people don't want to stand on the queue. Rather than queuing on the line for hours, they prefer to sit at home.

Effects of political apathy.

When people refuse to participate in political activities, these things remain inevitable.

1. Opportunity for mediocres; People who know nothing about government and have nothing to offer, will get the opportunity to get into power.

2. Underdevelopment; Political apathy may lead to underdevelopment of a state when the leader lacks fore sight. The state's resources will not be judiciously and properly utilized.

3. Rigging; If people refuse to participate in political activities,they will be continuous rigging and incompetent leaders will be elected.

How to fight political apathy.

1. Knowing and defending our rights; Citizens are expected to know their fundamental human rights. It is the civic responsibility of citizens to exercise their franchise by voting and defending their votes.

2. Participation; Political participation of citizens is one of the ways by which political apathy can be discouraged. People who have attained the voting age(18) should also participate in political activities. People should also be ready to contest for elective post.

3. Political Education; People should be well educated about politics. They should know what politics entails. In the same manner, awareness should be created and intensified on the radio, television, newspapers and even magazines concerning political activities.

4. Joining popular organization; People should be able to join political organisation of their choice. Citizens should be able to form any political party of their choice in line with the guidelines of the electoral commission of their country.So as to present candidates for electoral posts.

5. Loyal to democracy and rule of law; People will participate more in political activities if leaders are loyal to democracy and rule of law.

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Your vote is your voice.

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