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How To Avoid Being Sleepy While Studying

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To avoid being sleepy while studying there are some things you must do. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

1) Eat light or no food before reading: Avoid heavy meals, when you eat heavy meals, the process of digestion causes nutrient shortage in the brain, leading to blood and oxygen shortage resulting in feeling drowsy or weak, or take a nap in the afternoon after lunch.

2) Sleepiness can be associated with the position and place you choose to study. There place must be well lit and ventilated. Don't read on the bed, you may feel sleepy because the brain knows that it is where you sleep, choose a place like a table or any place that does not give a cozy feeling. Sit straight and not bent, don't sit in the same position for too long, you can choose to do some revision work by yourself if tired. Make an effort to teach yourself. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

3) Make various subject combinations, don't make studying a monotonous process,you may read out loud. Mark important points, highlight words, make flow charts this helps you to remember answers during exams.

4) Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is important, when tired go and drink water. Rinse your face if needed, go around and do some stretching. Don't drink tea and coffee at regular intervals, 1-2 cup in a day is fine.

5) Getting a good sleep is very important (6-7 hours is okay). If extremely tired stop reading, take a nap your body and mind needs that rest.

6) Keep a consistent wake up time, avoid distractions, motivate yourself, remind yourself of the target you want to achieve, be mentally and physically attentive.

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