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President Buhari Nominates Another Northerner For Key International Position

OfficialTeeq 06/25/2020

President Buhari Nominates Another Northerner For Key International Position.

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President Muhammad Buhari has nominated the Chief Judge of Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja, Justice Ishaq Usman Bello, to represent Nigeria at the International Criminal Court in Hague.

International Criminal Court is an intergovernmental organization established in early 2000, it is responsible for prosecuting individuals who are involved in a war crime, genocide, and gross abuse of human rights.

The organization lacks universal jurisdiction, it can only investigate and prosecute member states, individuals from member states, and other cases transfer to the court by the United Nations Security Council.

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Member states of the organization are expected to nominate their candidates out of which six will be elected to serve as judges in the organization.

The next election into the position of the ICC judge's seats will come up in December 2020 at the United Nations in New York.

Justice Bello is a popular figure in the Nigerian judiciary, he was called to bar in 1983 and he is currently a member of the National Judicial Council (NJC).

He has served at various positions in the country, with 35 years of experience as a lawyer.

He championed the decongestion of prisons in the Federal Capital Territory when he became the Chief Judge of Abuja High Court.

He is also the Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Prison Reform and Decongestion.

We hope that he emerged as one of the judges of the ICC when the election comes up in December.

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Top Comments
abdul109 · 06/26/2020
What do you mean by another northerner for international post again? Is he not qualified for the job?. Tribalism will finished with you in country.
BukarIsaUbalePama · 06/28/2020
good job Mr president
LukmanUmarSifawa · 06/28/2020
wailers should keep quite
+234-708289**** · 06/28/2020
good job Buhari, still last week u nominate Ngozi for DG world trade Organisation.

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