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How Phyno must be laughing at Hushpuppi now

AllNewsAfrica 06/26/2020

Life sometimes can be really funny. They say that what goes around comes around, and that seems to be true for Hushpuppi and Phyno recently. Almost everybody know who Hushpuppi is, so he needs no formal introduction anymore, and I am quite sure that many people also know who Phyno is. For those who do not know phyno, he is an Eastern based musician in Nigeria who is well-known for his native dialect infusion into the Nigerian music.

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Now I am pretty sure that phyno will be laughing at Hushpuppi over his arrest some weeks ago. Hushpuppi, who always flaunted his wealth on social media was arrested for fraud. For years, many people were trying to uncover the secret behind the source of hushpuppi's wealth, but as God would have it came out on its own.

Some years back Hushpuppi embarrassed phyno on social media, calling him out for wearing a fake designer wrist watch. He laughed at them for being paupers, he even tagged them hypocrites. We all know that KCee took no time to give him a reply that they are musicians and not paupers and they make their own money in the most legitimate way ever, unlike him whose source of wealth is not known. Phyno himself replied Hushpuppi, giving him instances where he had done so many great things without even posting them on social media, and that he was earning his money legally.

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The lesson of this whole story is that Hushpuppi knew very well that the money he was using to buy expensive designer wrist watch, designer shoes, and designer bags were gotten from fraud and yet he had the effontery to criticize people who work legitimately for their money, for wearing fake designer wrist watch.

However, I am pretty sure that Phyno will be really happy over the development of hushpuppi's arrest, because I am sure he must have been praying for it a very long time ago.

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Top Comments
PrinceObiDanielOdoh · 06/26/2020
Phyno saw it on tym, everyday for the thieves but one day for the owner of the house
UCSnight · 06/26/2020
haha,lol my dearies

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