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Pains as a Nigerian lady is raped countless times by Ghanaian boys, in Ghana.

Nachibrown 06/24/2020

There have been mixed reactions from people after a pregnant Nigerian woman has allegedly raped multiple times in the African country, Ghana.

The woman affected who's name is still been withheld and still anonymous, was reportedly rushed to a hospital in Accra, Ghana after people had found her in an ugly state after the sad incident.

A Facebook user identified as Bright Sylvanus,who according to him, after he had shared the news on his page, said the Imo State born woman had gone to Ghana to look for a job, so as to be able to fend for those back in her home state.

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In the process of seeking for greener pastures, the woman was tricked by some cunny and tricky set of boys, into thinking that she was going to fine it easy only for them to lure her and rape her.

Despite been pregnant, after she had been raped, another set of boys yet still saw it as a pleasure and fun seeking time to rape the pregnant woman until she found herself abandoned in an hospital in Accra.

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She was not only abandoned, she didn't have any means of talking to her loved ones, family and friend, she was at the place known as Ridge hospital for more than 3 weeks all alone, with no family or friends coming to her aid.

How God can be so loving, the hospital were kind enough to deliver her of the pregnancy on the 31 of May, but sadly the baby could no longer journey through this life as it died on the 15th of June, 2020.

WhatsApp started circulating a voice note about the woman and help came knocking on her door steps as rays of hope, shine upon her. The hospital bill which amounted to 1200 Ghana cedis, which approximately is above 90,000 was paid by a good samaritan, the baby has been buried and the lady able to go home.

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