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10 things women do that men can't stand in relationship

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 View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Girls are known to be picky but that doesn't mean that guys do not have what they look out for in ladies. Although guys are moved by what they but if you have the following habits,it is possible for guy that move close to you to get turned away easily.

#1 Dirtiness

Meeting someone for the first time as a guy, you may not get to notice somethings about a girl,like dirty fingernails, having armpits hair, dirty shoe and so on but with time if boys notice this they would get turned away.

#2 Gossiping

Girls like to gist alot but when gist turn to gossip,then it becomes very bad for guys to cope with. You gist with your guy but not telling him bad things about your friends and family.

#3 proudness

If you're full of pride,no guy will want to associate with you, because guys like to be in control of relationship. Being meek and gentle for your partner doesn't mean you are stupid.

#4 Smoking

Well, some guys may say they can date yo9if you're smoking, but trust me he doesn't want you,he is just after your body because no guy can entrust the lives of his children to smoker.

#5 holding grudges

Everybody gets angry, but if you don't let it go on time, it becomes malice. No guy wants to be with a lady that keeps malice.

#6 No fashion sense

Guys like to talk about how beautiful their girlfriend is, so a lady should at least dress for their guys, because if you don't know how to dress or combine colours, no guy will like to associate with you.

#7 highly promiscuous

Guys like ladies that are good on bed, but if like sex too much, it will be a problem because guys will think one man cannot satisfy you so he will feel insecure.

#8 over-eating

It is normal to eat but if you eat too much then guys will think twice before dating you not to talk of marrying you .

#9 watching porn

Guys want to watch porn and get nasty with you, but trust me they just want to use you and dump because they believe that if you're watching porn you cannot control yourself.

#10 Telling Lies

If you lie for a guy once and he gets to know, forget it he can never believe you again.don think they are gullible.

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