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Pastor Chris warns Gospel ministers to avoid from being used to attack the church.

alamba4us 06/29/2020

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The president Love world Inc, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome finally respond to the issue of the church closure in Uyo.

He said this in the global prayer he held today Friday on the satellite saying that '' Any minster that collided with the government to tackle fellow Christian is not worth the body of Christ ''.

He said that ministers are given the contract to close churches by the government.

They persecuted fellow Christian as a result of the contract giving to them by the government to fight the church.

They even went to the extent of taking soldiers to break into the church and plan to arrest fellow Christian is worth a minister.

The Government enquire from those ministers on actions to take about the Covid -19 and they suggest to still shut the church down.

That Jesus was persecuted by same Jews that he came for and they still yet killed him and allowed Barnabas to be free. He sighted scriptures.

Mathew 24: 10 and 2 Tim 3:4 (TLB) saying that the end of such people are already decided in the Bible that not quite long the outcome will be seen.

Last year pastor Chris faced similar issue in Dubai where he went for ''2 DAY'S OF GLORY IN DUBAI '' Same Christian association in Dubai collided among themselves to stop the program.

Solely because it was not done by them. They withdrew the licence to the crusade venue and still the program was not held .

This captured the attention of the government and they shun the act of the Christian organization.

In his speech he further exposed the use of face mask as against human Health. He said that in the W.H.O website. They gave outline for use of face mask that it's for those who are treating /attending to the Covid 19 patient's and those who are infected with covid-19 not the widest society.

Pastor Chris said that frequent use of face mask is very harmful to health that its against science and human existence.

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jojayson · 06/30/2020
this guy is loosing it gradually. Controversy and conspiracy preaching everyday
GUEST_zkBv2XYA2 · 06/29/2020

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