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Manchester United sets to lose Young Promising Attacker to Chelsea

Emmay 06/29/2020

For this young generations or even to some 90s, people have witnessed the great rivalry between the Blue side and the Red Devil side. Although, Chelsea is not the side to rival with the Red Manchester side, I mean for trophies and history but as they say, you can't dwell in the past...

For some past years now, Chelsea has rose to the big occasions, they have prove and midly cemented thier place amongst the European big boys. Their trophy run for a decade now has served as a proving point for them. But with all those things, can they still go neck to neck against England best team in history? View pictures in App save up to 80% data. maybe maybe not, the question is still rhetorical only future could answer

United having beaten Chelsea three times already this season again has been drawn to face the London side at the FA cup semis. With Chelsea sets to revenge the past likely to them sad event in the semis but not only on the pitch but off it as it matters.

Chelsea already pulled some transfer surprises, the signings of Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner, were shocked to football world now on the verge of signing Manchester United prodigy, Angel Gomes.

Gomes who is highly rated among the United fans and even most rival fans, he is consider as one of the talented youngsters around. The little man refused to sign a new contract for the Red Devil team and according to report, Chelsea are the strong side to have the little man.

The tension has aroused for sometimes now as it was rumored that Chelsea tendered a lucrative offer for the boy. Well, the news getting to being the truth as United boss confirmed it today. He said "Angel Gomes leaving #mufc? To be honest, I’ve not heard from them last night or this morning, so it seems like that they haven’t managed to agree [a deal], so the answer is probably short and yes then. ( Copied from Twitter) View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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chibas042 · 06/29/2020
let him go and taste, when a woman married two husband ,he will know the best. who do he think that he will bench for Chelsea right now.

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