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Marlians Manifesto: A review of who is a Marlian.


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We are Marlians!!! You cannot do anything about it. You cannot overcome us so you better join us.

We are Marlians!!! We are not Yahoo! Stop harassing us or you have yourself to blame.

Marlians are not thieves, they are givers.

Marlians are not sadists, they are happy people.

Marlians do not destroy nations, they unite Nations.

Marlians are not many but they cannot be numbered.

Marlians do not own houses, they own mansions.

We are Marlians!!! Yes all of us are Marlians.

Your fathers listen to Bob Marley, you are listening to Naira Marley; we are Marlians.

You say you don't smoke, you only drink; you are a Marlian.

I no de carry girls, but you always take bribe; you are a Marlian.

You don't have a girlfriend but your manhood does not rest of; you are a Marlian.

You are a Christian but prostitution is your hobby; my sister you are a Marlian.

You don't have a job but you are feeding very well; my brother you are a Marlian.

You don't believe in Naira Marley but you can dance ZANKU; my friend you are a Marlian.

You can keep promises but you can not make one, you are a Marlian.

We are all Marlians!!!

You are very responsible but your children are idiots; see you are a Marlian!

Who then is a Marlian???

Nobody is a Marlian buy we are all actually Marlians!!!

There is no Marlian, but there are Marlians!!! It is "we" no "I". It is "us" not "me".

Are you a Marlian? Yes I am a Marlian. Can there be a single Marlian? No there cannot. But you are alone!; No!!! We are together.

Hey! Am not a Marlian! I know, that is because you don't know youself.

Everyone is a Marlian!!!

We are Marlians!!!!

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