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Lady Gives Harsh Reasons Why Men Do Not See Women As Wife Materials Anymore, People React (Photos)

Akwaman2020 06/26/2020

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Day by day we get cleared on different topics and opinions around the world that affects the lives and well-being of different people. However, there are still issues that generally concerns the lots no matter the differences around the world.

Today, a lady named Sharon has come out to give a bitter truth of her own opinion on the matters that concerns every woman in the society.

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As a woman, Sharon seems to be overwhelmed by how ladies have turned men into something else to the extent these men do not value women anymore and do not feel they are worth being good wives.

This has been a wrong ideology and perception that still eats down to some ladies of now a days as they constantly see guys as money bag and nothing else.

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Sharon has spoken her truth which may not applies to all but it is definitely happening in our society and the sooner every woman changes the narrative the better.

Some men would continue to disrespect ladies when these ladies do not have their own money. Because she will be totally dependent on him.

When a woman has her money, it becomes less of a topic and issue in a relationship as they would have better things to give their time to.

This issue Sharon has tabled is currently being discussed on her page. Here are some opinions so far from Twitter users;

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Top Comments
Whekk · 06/26/2020
She's brutally honest... Those saying marriage isn't an achievement are likely unmarried, and are on the verge of frustration... Marriage, like any human endeavor, is a big ACHIEVEMENT.... If you are not queer, like homosexual, forget naysayers, marriage is the best thing that could ever happen to a man and a woman....
Oyemste · 06/26/2020
Well she says the fact, but not all the ladies are not recognize as wife materials, all is about up bringing of some parents:
Papiwater · 06/26/2020
This is what women have brought upon themselves chai
+234-816704**** · 06/26/2020
African men 90% of them can't never be pleased if u like use all your energy or borrow energy u are on your own. Wife material, house material, work material, life material, we are doing our best so stop talking trash

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