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Matters Arising: Abians Need Political Activists, Not Parasites.

Nonsey 06/29/2020

Abia state is popularly known as " God's Own State " which we now presume to an ironic statement because of thieves in the political system of the state who make plans for themselves and abandon poor masses who queued in the sun voting.

It is of a higher cry that those elected to deliver Abians in poverty and ensure infrastructural development are now eating them up; they are ever ready to loot, embezzle and even do some more for their own good not considering the poor conditions of the state; more especially potholes which are beyond fixing and many more.

In sincerity of note, accidents are happening almost in every single day while those in authority show less concern about. Along Umuahia- Uzoakoli Road, opposite Ubani Police Station, a ghastly accident happened that took almost those involved and other places numerous to mention.

Abians need political activists and not parasites, game players that sucks their economy with brain pipe.

Make today count in Abia State dear political 'rulers' , we need leaders of good virtue, God fearing servants that can care for the Shepherds. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

We seek your concent in the following areas: make proper plans for the youths, set a pace of educational system, provide health facilities in the various centres necessary, provide machines for agricultural system and many more.

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