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Fiction- "Please I need help, my wife would not allow me rest since our wedding night"

Prince0008 06/26/2020

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Sometimes, it's advisable to know all about your future partner before marriage. I will turn 40 by November and my mother has been on my neck to get married and give her grandchildren, I'm always pleading with her to have patience with me that I will see the right one, that I will get married at God-appointed time, she wouldn't listen. Instead, she promised she will get me a wife, I protested to that. 

 One day, I got a call from my mother in the village, when I picked the call, she sounds so excited, I was just wondering why she called, she told me that she have seen my wife, I was surprised when she said this, I told her that she is not the one to get me a wife, that when the time comes, I will get married, she started crying, and that is the only thing that melts my heart, I don't like seeing my mum cry, she is the only one I have since my father died. I'm the only son of my late father that's why she is pressurizing me. So I agreed, life came back to her voice. then she told me that she will be coming to my house with the lady the next day for introducetion and marriage arrangement.

The next day, very early in the morning they arrived. I was dumbfounded, the Lady is very beautiful with a nice shape, a good smile, very homely and friendly. We introduced ourselves and I later proposed to her officially.

One month later, we are already making our wedding plans, I really didn't have enough time to study her, but she is very nice to me and mother, after the wedding plans, we proceeded with the wedding. That day was so amazing, my inlaws were everywhere for me, even when I don't have much, they made all possible best to make sure the wedding was a successful one.

 After the wedding, we booked a hotel for our honeymoon, that night was hectic, I nearly died but God revived me, I'm on my fifth round, and she is not satisfied, I told her that I'm tired, and she replied that she hasn't had an orgasm. Shuu! U want to kill me, I'm the only son of my late father, please I have put all my energy in this, so  I need some rest, she started pleading that I should satisfy her, since my wedding night till now, I haven't been myself, I have complained to my mother and she said that I should get her pregnant first. Right now, I'm thinking to run away or quit the marriage, please I need your advice.

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Top Comments
GUEST_1eKmGgzmQ · 06/26/2020
Don't allow her to kill you or go and report her to the police for Raping you
GloriaAhani · 06/26/2020
cry to God only him have answers to your questions
EL-DAAR · 06/27/2020
😂😂😂😂😂😂 You better don't kill yourself o.. only God knows if she's human 😃😃😃
guddiesmuzyks · 06/27/2020

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