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Here is the latest tricks used by Yahoo boys to kill people.

Willysnews 06/29/2020

Yahoo boys have gone out these days and make proper research on how to devour their victims and they become more advance with there evil acts.

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Please I bring this to our notice that this evil guy called yahoo boys no longer depend on there usual one chance tricks or the use of female ladies' pants anymore. but what they do these days is that someone strange will come to promote a perfume or body spray and asks you if you are willing to buy any of his sprays. At this point, if you insist to buy, he will want to provide a variety of his perfume or spray for you to inhale if it smells nice. If he brings out a paper and sprays the perfume on it for you to inhale, please reject the offer Because this is not just an ordinary paper but it is laced with drugs.

This drug will get you unconscious that moment, so they take you along to there den and use you for there sacrifice or do worse things to you of which you have never thought of before.

Please broadcast to all friends and household members and your loved ones, this is real it happens a lot.

Please Take note and warn everyone u want to protect. Thank you.

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