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State Of Confusion: A Fashion Designer Is Between Two Choices; But Seeking Users Opinion To Make One

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NOTE:  "Pictures used for illustrative purpose".

Please guys, am currently confused right now because I am in between two options in which am to make a choice.

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My name is James, am 25 years of age, the only child of my parents; growing up was very difficult because my parents don't have much as they eat from hands to mouth. Thy struggled to train me from primary to secondary school; but couldn't afford High Institution fees. Since they were unable to further my education, they decided I go for an apprenticeship training in Fashion Design for tow years, rather than sitting at home doing nothing which I agreed to.

After the two years elapsed I served my master for 6 months and got my freedom.

But Before I completed my two years training something happened earlier, one Glorious morning on my way to work a young man confronted me and said he was sent by the Lord to deliver a message to me.

The message goes thus


"The prayers of your mother for You has been heard and Answerd by God! That after my freedom God will do miracle in my Life I will get two offer from two different big company that will require me to look before I leap in making choices or decision. When the time comes Remember this day and choose wisely."

After my freedom the following day I was in the room at about few minutes pass 12pm my phone rang I picked the called it was a man's voice I herad we both exchanged greetings and he asked if he was speaking with Mr. James I said yes Sir; The next thing I heard was Congratulations Sir you are hired to be our fashion Director in our Company at Abuja you came highly recommended Sir. Looking forward to see you on Monday and he hung the call. I was surprised and speechless ruminating still on what the caller said.

At Exactly 2pm by my Time another call came in from another caller. Good afternoon Sir I responded back, and he asked if is onto Mr. James and I replied yes Sir, and he said congratulations Sir you are hired, among three others to work in a fashion designer company in Canada. Please come to our branch in Lagos for arrangements of your Traveling document on Tuesday next week. The office address will be forwarded to you after now. Have a lovely day and he hung up the call.

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After the call I should Wow!!! Canada here I come, it was my shout that prompted my mum to the room and asked if I was okay, I told her am very okay that have just been appointed to work in Canada She shouted Wow!!! And asked me how it happened So I told her everything about the two jobs and she immediately Said She's okay with the Abuja, I asked her why Abuja and not Canada she said am her only child that I can't understand and besides who will be taking care of her. 

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So my fellow Guys please bring in your opinion as for me have been dreaming of traveling oversea since when I was a kid now that the opportunity came on board now what am I supposed to do. I need to make decisions fast because am running out of time.

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Note: "Picture used for illustrative purpose".

So Should I go for Abuja or Canada? Remember The prophecy that I should Choose wisely. 

Please Comment your opinion below

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