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Fiction: I found this stuck in my tire, Does anyone know what it is?

Ejikemichael2 06/29/2020

On this very faithful morning, after i was done dressing up intend going to work as usual, I took my car keys and went straight to my car point. I started my car and about leaving, soon before reaching a junction I noticed difficulties in my car.

I had to stop the car and check if there was any problem, after the long checking soon I discovered this very object with shock in my eyes, cause I was really afraid.

Though, I called some guys near by as they assisted me in removing the object.

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We kept wondering what it could be, as some said it was a set of charm. As they claimed i was very lucky to survive it, while others said it was some set of object without harm.

Am really confused now, What do you think this could be? Drop your ideas in the comment section. 

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AbbyFlair_01 · 06/29/2020
geepers creepers

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