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The Kids Thought It Was Camera.

Nonso8067 06/25/2020

Carefully observing what happened here you would have thought the same like the innocent mind here, a fire hydrant worker was called to repair a faulty fire hydrant in Avila village Missouri, US," eight young children who wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to take a group picture together decided to strike a pose, the fire hydrant worker who played along captured the humorous scene and called one of his to capture the real moment, " the photo has been circulating around the web with some people not knowing what the image is expressing, some thought the image is just a funny moment for the innocent kids.

The real image here is teaching us about the beautiful word innocency, lets know the meaning of the word innocency, " the oxford dictionary define innocency "as the state or quality of being innocent; example is freedom from sin or moral wrong, are humans innocent? the answer is no," although every human being is innocent from birth, our mind were pure; along the line we start seeking understanding paving way for negative and positive behaviors making our mind to be filled with good and bad thoughts, of course a grown up adult can't indulge in such fool play we may say in our adult eyes.

Being that we are grown up men and women we need to learn about innocency, its true that our mind is always preoccupied with good and bad thoughts we still need to be innocent and be truthful to ourselves and people around us, we need to influence the people around with our way of life positively. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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