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The Reason why Obaseki Won as The PDP Governorship Flag Bearer In Edo State

PrinceMichaelKulase'sblog 06/26/2020

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It is well known that Mr. Godwin Obaseki was from APC so he quitted from the party on 19th June, 2020 been Friday, and he picked up his PDP membership card at the Peoples Democratic Party's secretariat in Benin City which emerge him the winner of PDP governorship flag bearer for Edo state governorship election taking place on September 19th 2020.

The question you should ask is, would Godwin Obaseki have won if he was still in APC? Certainly not. His quitting from another party to another with confidence and intentions of taking Edo state to the level he most desire so that his people will benefit positively is what made him victorious.

A former governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State, Kenneth Imasuagbon, has said he stepped aside for Governor Godwin Obaseki because he wants “godfatherism to be defeated.”

Mr Imasuagbon also said Governor Obaseki’s performance as the leader of Edo State inspired him to set aside his ambition.

He said this on Thursday during the PDP Governorship primary election in Edo State, held in Benin City, adding that he wants Obaseki to continue his impressive work

According to him, he has been a “victim of godfatherism” and will help the Edo leader fight anyone who wants to “enslave” the people of the State.

“I am a victim of godfatherism,” says, Kenneth “when I saw Godwin standing up to challenge the actions of one godfather who wants to enslave everyone in Edo State, I said no, if need be, I will submit to Governor Obaseki.”

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