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Very Painful: Ajimobi was duped N50 million by the person sent to buy Antiviral drugs for him

SupremeGistworld 06/26/2020

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The whole nation received with shock the news of the death of Abiola Ajimobi who was said to have gotten into a coma from COVID-19 complications.

The former Oyo State governor who was recently appointed Acting Chairman of the APC even while he was still in coma, was said to have died yesterday, 25th June 2020.

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Now a report has surfaced online by Sahara Reporters that a certain Nigerian defrauded him with the sum of N50 million naira on his sickbed.

After the former governor got into a coma, the hospital needed a large quantity of the drug called Remivir which was to be administered to him.

The drug which according to reports is manufactured in Bangladesh and was their only hope of saving his life, his family members sort the help of Nigerians overseas to help them procure the drugs in a sizeable quantity and at the process they got duped.

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Their efforts to get the drugs in America proved negative so they turned to Bangladesh, a certain Nigerian promised them that he will get rhe drugs and N50 million was given to him with a private jet sent to help him procure the drugs.

Sadly, he bought fake drugs and made away with a large part of the money. This rendered the former governor of Oyo State helpless as he was on life support.

It is so sad that some people can be so harmless even to the sick.

It also gives us room to know that wealth can not buy life.

Such a sad event.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+234-703940**** · 06/26/2020
The likes of Ajimobi created Nigeria we have today. Sadly he suffered from a system they long destroyed.
GUEST_AdYQoOJDd · 06/26/2020
why took him to Lagos when you have Aseoyo and uch at ibadan.No hospital could handle his case at his own state that pride itself with one of the best hospital in the 70's and 80s. what are they doing as governors then for 8years.Schools bad,workers condition worsened and many died out of frustration,debt and hunger,hospitals with zero maintainance.where is the pride ? Am not mocking the dead.May his soul rest in peace but judgement is of God
FaithN. · 06/26/2020
we ask them to upgrade our hospital they refuse but now they can't travel for medical treatment outside death is the result.
FataiOlakunleOlasunkanmi · 06/26/2020
So sad. But, the poster should mind the way he writes. Harmless instead of harmful.

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