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See The Strange Creature A Woman Gave Birth To Inside A Church Seven Years Ago (Censored)

SureTruth_HerbalTips 06/29/2020

Children are a blessing from God but sometimes we imagine why some people manipulate what God has created. This incident happened in a church in Benin City 7 years ago in World Liberation Ministry, located at Evuoriaria Community, off Benin-Sapele Road.

According to a report by PM News on September 11, 2012 at exactly 8:53pm, it occurred on a Tuesday when a woman gave birth to a horse-like creature. The creature however came out dead and she started bleeding.

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The pastor, Evangelist Rev. Silva Wealth said he was shocked and amazed at what came out of the woman. He revealed that he saw a woman in a revelation whose womb was blocked by something.

As the prayers intensified, the woman started screaming and bleeding when a horse-like creature came out.

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"I can’t describe the object. We have seen people vomiting several things during our service, but not this type of thing. God has been blessing our ministry with prophesies and miracles,”he said, adding that people rushed to the church to catch a glimpse of the horse when news of the delivery filtered into town.

My people, what could this be?

Source: opera.com
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