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10 Things You Must Always Do If You're In a Relationship

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For some, romantic relationship is one of the most wonderful part about their life, while to others, it's nothing but a nightmare!

Though there are many relationships - friendship relationship, workers relationship, family relationship, course mate relationship, but love relationship surpasses all. The experiences you have during your courtship period is a determinant of the product that will emerge after tying the knot.

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Here in this articles, I'll be telling you 10 important things you must do in order to keep your relationship healthy. Please stay with me.

1. Find out what makes him or her fall in love with her.

The first thing to do to keep your relationship with the guy or the lady you claim to be in love with is to know what made you ask her out or what made you say 'yes' to him. Many people have gotten it wrong in a relationship that it eventually lead to break up after a few months. If you know what made you choose her or him and not any other person, you'll guide him or her jealousy; never wanting to lose such a precious jewel and an impeccable love.

2. Be compassionate and friendly

Another thing you must do to make your relationship with your love partner last longer is to be friendly and compassionate. This doesn't mean your love will be taken for granted if you're too jovial around him or her. Rather, it strengthens the bond. If you're empathic towards your partner, he or she will love you more because you always feel the same way he or she feels anytime he or she complains about work, school workload, family pressure and all that. He or she will always feel secured and comfortable around you.

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3. Compliment each other

Another point is you complimenting your boyfriend or girlfriend about his or her hairstyle or haircut, body spray (perfume), dressing, etc. 'Oh dear, you're looking good' isn't too much to say to that person you truly love. It makes the love grow.

4. Be Romantic

One of the reasons some people will break their relationship up is because there's no iota of romance in their love dictionary. You must know your partner's love language. It could be touch, gifts, compliment, among others. Everything isn't all about sex, a slight touch will do too. Oh, let me tell you this, touch sends a message to the brain of the receiver and on this wise, it relays a message of assurance, comfort, and security.

5. Set Boundaries

One of the ways to make your relationship continue to blossom is setting boundaries. This doesn't necessarily mean you should nag around or rant on little issues. It means you letting your fiance or fiancé know about what your 'likes' and 'dislikes' are. It makes your partner know how best to behave to you. This creates an atmosphere of love, relaxation, and comfort whenever you're together. Plan the future together. This will make you stick together.

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6. Be honest

Nothing hurts a relationship like telling lies to your partner. In fact, if you detect that your partner is a crooked liar and a cunny one, it is better you put a stop to the relationship because such relationship doesn't last and if marriage sets in, you won't be able to get over it any longer. This has thrown a lot of marriages into ruins. No one will absolutely feel safe around a lying liar as it breaks trust no matter how little it may be. So be honest and build trust with him or her. Don't double date.

7. Confide in each other

Another point is that you guys must be able to confide in each other; share top secrets and console if need be. Have a listening ear to his or her cries. Be the very first person your partner will turn to anytime he or she feels his or her world is breaking apart. This strengthen the relationship.

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8. Have fun

Crack jokes with each other. You know 'best medicine is laughter'... lol, play games like cheese, ludo, table tennis, snocker and so one. Eat together, watch movie in the cinema house, visit the zoo together and so on. I'm sure it will be filled with fun. You can also hang out together with a group and see as s/he interacts with other people; it will surely remind you how you fell in love with him or her at first.

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9. Talk about your day

Try gisting him or her about how your day went. How it was fun and how it was the other way round. This will make your partner know more about you.

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10. Be willing to compromise

So many people can't compromise in their relationship and this isn't good enough as it isn't healthy for your relationship. However, distance relationship may deprive you the opportunity of seeing each other from time to time. Understanding the other person's ideals is the key. Trust him or her even when it's hard. You can do a video call if you're missing him big time - this will make the other person know that you're always thinking about him.

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