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Are You Light Skinned And You Need To Maintain Your Complexion? Use this and thank me later

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In this article,I'll be teaching you how to make a lightening black soap that'll help maintain your fairness and add more shine to your skin. Before then, kindly click on the follow button above to get more articles from us.

These days it's hard to maintain a fair complexion. Maintaining a fair complexion costs money which is why I'm teaching how to make a lightening black soap. Use it and thank me later.

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1. 2 tbspns of turmeric powder

2. 2 tbspns of powdered milk

3. 2 tbspns of Shea butter

4. 2 tbspns of powdered orange peel

5. 4 tbspns of raw honey

6. 1 tbspn of coconut oil 

7. 1 tbspn of powdered sandalwood

8. ½ tbspn of powdered sulfur

9. 50ml of fresh lemon juice

10. 500g of African black soap(factory made eg Dudu Osun)

11. 4 tbspns of oats

12. Lukewarm rice water


1. Mortar and pestle

2. Measuring scales and a measuring spoon

3. Some bowls


1. Place the rice water into the mortar and add the black soap. Start pounding the soap with the water thoroughly. 

2. When the soap is mashed,add the turmeric powder, orange peel, sulfur, sandalwood and milk. Pound mixture very carefully and thoroughly

3. Melt the Shea butter and pour it into the mortar and mix.

4. Add the lemon juice and the oats and stir the mixture to make it smooth and even. If it's too thick,add some rice water and mix

5. Pour the mixture into a container and leave to get solid

P.S The black soap is able to remove blemishes,give you a youthful glow and lightens up your skin

NOTE: Work into a latter on your Sponge before applying on the skin

2. Avoid using it on your face,neck and other areas with sensitive skin

3. If you notice irritation or rash,stop using the soap.

4. If you notice any white substance on the soap,it's normal. You shouldn't worry.


1. It clears scars and imperfections

2. It clears dark spots.

3. It gives a youthful glow you'll love

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Top Comments
+234-806656 · 07/5/2020
I used mine on my face no reaction
mhizFathia · 07/3/2020
I hope it's safe. thanks
GUEST_6rW83RlQv · 07/13/2020
pls what is sulfur?
ASACHUKWY · 07/3/2020
I use mine on my face,I have no reaction at all that is because sulphur takes care of any reaction. The soap is extra nice but it takes time to work

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