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Shehu Sani: "Make the corona drug from Madagascar's no turn ice block oh"- as he mocks Nigerian Govt

Eye_Reporter.net 06/25/2020

The current fight against the global pandemic has gotten every nation up and doing. As every country is trying to get back to their feet and get the economy running back amidst the continuous spread of the virus.

Nigeria is not left behind as plans are being made by the federal Government to control the spread of the virus and also reopen businesses. Although the federal government only gave guidelines for reopening of schools but it is not fully concluded when schools would be resuming.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In the bid to keep the fight against covid-19 and also containing the spread of the virus, The Federal Government in May, went for what was termed a possible cure of this virus. Nigerian Government received the Madagascar's COVID-19 organic drug which was acclaimed by Madagascar to be a possible vaccine against covid-19. This was confirmed by the federal government on 16th may 2020.

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The federal government notified the public that this Covid-19 organic would be sent to statutory regulations for thorough scientific verification before public use.

More than a month after this drug landed in Nigeria, there has been no news on how far this institutions have gone with their research on the drug, When it would be ready or why it would not be used in the country.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Senator Shehu Sani, who is a former Nigerian senator, an author, playwright and a human rights activist has used his Twitter handle to mock Nigerian government with his speech.

Shehu Sani who is the President of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, said using his Twitter account that he hopes the covid-19 organics from Madagascar's doesn't turn to ice block inside refrigerator. He said this in Nigerian pidgin language.

he says: "That corona drug weh Dem bring from Madagascar, Make the thing no turn ice bloc inside NCDC fridge"

See his tweet below;

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Ex-Senator Shehu Sani is known for his open criticism of the government. He has always been a man who calls the government's attensions to order when there is a seemingly wrong move. It would not be a lie that the covid-19 organics is taking long to conclude the next line of action as the number of cases are increasing on a daily basis.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Again, He has done what he knows how to do best but this time, it seems to be in a mockery form. Ex-Senator Shehu Sani is also the Chairman of Hand-in-Hand, Africa. He was a leading figure in the struggle for the restoration of democracy in Nigeria.

#stay safe

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SolomonNana · 06/25/2020
SalehUji · 06/25/2020
we never chichonchi
MatthewEboh · 06/25/2020
Nigeria is like an abandoned project, I won't be surprised if this drug too is abandoned
+234-0803072**** · 06/27/2020
Tell these hypocrites, their leaders.

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