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See The Hilarious Conversation Between A Guy And A Lady Asking Him For Money

LastBorn2000 06/25/2020

These days many Nigerian ladies beg unashamedly, without regard for their dignity and value. Most of them actually have boyfriends and fiancee, but would rather prefer to beg a random guy than asking their boyfriends for money.

Is actually a thing of shame today, that many ladies these days prefer to beg than finding a decent means of making a living.

Some would go to any extent to collect money from a guy. Even to the extent of insulting the guy or making him feel less of himself, which is not healthy nor understandable.

There are many skills to learn that would improve the lives of many women who and are ready to work for their life to be improved. Some of them include hair making sales and marketing and so many others.

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What do you have to say in this matter?. For me, I think Ladies should save the energy they use for begging and use it for more important things like skill acquisition.

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