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Teaching Sex Education In School: To Be Or Not To Be

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Sex Education can be described as education or teachings revolving around sex and relationships. Its purpose is to impart knowledge, to form beliefs and attitudes, to build relationships, intimacy and sexual identity. There are a lot of things to be known regarding sex such as human anatomy, intercourse, reproductive health, responsibilities, and rights. Although these are essentially what sex education is all about, many are still debating whether or not the topic should be a part of school curriculum.

The battle between supporters and detractors of sex education has been going for a long time. It is a controversial issue and topic of argument in several countries. Below are some important areas of sex education that “Pros” and “Antis” are standing their ground for. Continue reading to either back up your belief or to finally understand the whole issue.

The Pros’ Point

Children Are Provided With Correct Knowledge. It is needless to say that ignorance leads us to wrong assumptions that often result to mistakes and misjudgments. When kids are adequately informed about sex, misinformation is reduced. They are empowered with correct knowledge.

Children Are Taught Of Preventive Measures. Sex education programs carried out effectively also serve as powerful tools in helping them prevent being infected by the HIV virus and other illnesses resulting from unsafe, inappropriate sexual decisions. Although a proper education program alone will not totally eliminate the issue on AIDS, it can greatly help lower the risks and vulnerabilities.

Children Are Armed With Skills To Make The Right Decisions. Again, lack of knowledge can lead to misjudgments. If children will be taught about the consequences they would possibly suffer from, they will become more cautious in making decisions. They can make informed choices in life and not just on intercourse alone. They will know that sexual activities come not only with pleasures but also responsibilities.

Misconceptions Will Be Rectified. A person’s attitude and a set of values were conceived and formed by what they see and hear from other people. Sex education aims to straighten out any misconception of society about sex and other things related to it. Such misconceptions and wrong beliefs may be carried out by the child until his adulthood, resulting in wrong decisions he/she may regret forever. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Communication Between Parents And Children Will Be Increased. Children will most definitely discuss what they have been taught in school with their parents or with adults they trust. Without sex education in school, they will feel shy and uncertain in even mentioning sexual matters with their parents. With the participation of parents in the program, morals and values will be better instilled in children.

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