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Chelsea could lose, if Manchester City decide to use this lineup.

Michealspellz11 06/25/2020

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Manchester city head to head with the blues today, as they will be facing each other for points and position.

Looking at the both teams today, we a know it's not going to be an easy task as both are top clubs and are both at the top of the premier league table foam 63 points from Manchester city and 51 points from Chelsea.

But for one of the both teams to win, pep guradiola will have to come up with a plan or strong lineup to face the other rivals.

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They will need to play as a team and come up with an idea against the other club Chelsea.

Here is a lineup Pep Guradiola could if he wants to come first in the game this evening.

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Goalkeeper: EDERSON

Back Defenders: Laporte, stones, Walker,Danilo.

Midfielder's: fernandiho,de Bruyne,Bernardo or David Silva.

Right and left forward: Sterling,mahrez.

Center forward: Aguero.

This is a strong lineup for Manchester city and will be used against Chelsea.

What do you think about this line up, can this lineup help Manchester City?

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Top Comments
SamuelUtugbu · 06/25/2020
Blues all the way
RabsonKazumba · 06/25/2020
man City 6
GUEST_gyQR7nJR9 · 06/25/2020
Chelsea win2.0
OpitoiAmbrose · 06/25/2020
I will never lose hope in Chelsea

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